Welcome to Grey Shingles Camps!

Welcome to Grey Shingles Camps on Rust Pond in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire!

Our recently renovated historic property pays homage to its 75 year history of family gatherings, weddings. and celebrations. Come, enjoy, and create your own memories on this beautiful, peaceful, and private property. Bring your friends and family. Relax, Renew, Reconnect!

We invite you to stay with us and enjoy vacations as they used to be in your own comfortable, and private camp. Enjoy our all inclusive amenities, including our waterfront and our fleet of watercraft. Learn to play pickleball. Enjoy our lively campfires with s'mores in the old apple orchard. Let's face it - in our always busy and often perplexing world - there's nothing like summer camp! Are you smiling yet?

Thoughts for the New Decade

The ‘roaring 20’s’ brings with it our fifth season here at Grey Shingles Camps! Rich and I have accomplished so much here since 2015, but the most important thing to us is having the opportunity to meet and host so many wonderful guests. This property has struck a chord not only with us, but with all of you! We are grateful for our returning vacation guests, and all of the family and friend groups who have gathered to make special memories here.

What you may not know is that we have also had a number of beautiful weddings, rehearsal dinners, and birthday celebrations here over these four years. We've devoted a new page to ‘Weddings, Events, and Gatherings’ on our website for visitors to view, and hope that you will keep Grey Shingles Camps in mind for life celebrations you may be planning.

As always, Rich and I have some exciting projects coming up this spring, and we look forward to sharing some revamped areas of the property with you this season. If you haven’t already booked your vacation with us, or are thinking of booking multiple camps for your group, please contact us. We will always find a place for you!

As we begin this new decade, we understand the importance of family time in our exceedingly complicated world. Whether it be a long weekend, or a week, we hope that Grey Shingles Camps continues to provide you a beautiful and comfortable place to relax, renew, and reconnect. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thoughts for 2019

It's hard to imagine that Rich and I are beginning our 4th year running Grey Shingles Camps! We are forever grateful for the support and friendship we have received from our wonderful guests and Wolfeboro friends. We seem to have struck a chord with folks locally, through our efforts to save this wonderful, historic property. Additionally, the need for a totally relaxed and fun place to vacation is ever more important in our busy lives. Our goals from the beginning were to do everything possible to provide comfort, lots of fun activities, and a beautiful property for all to enjoy. We will always make efforts to improve this property and what we offer, in hopes of keeping our guests coming back year after year - we're not out of ideas yet!! We are fortunate to have many bookings for the upcoming season, but do still have great availability. If you are thinking of coming up for a vacation this year, please call or book soon so that you have choices of camps and dates. Nellie's View is completely booked from mid-June to Labor Day, and we are grateful to have many returning guests there and in the 5 Grey Shingles camps. There's nothing we love more than greeting guests who are now friends, for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th visits, and watching their children growing up! If you have never come for a visit, we encourage you to book and enjoy our camps, property, gardens, and lake activities. You won't regret it! So, happy new year to all. We wish you perfect health, great joy, and peace in 2019. And we look forward to seeing you again, or meeting you for the first time! Best, Robin and Rich

Thanking Our Guests!

   Rich and I want to wish our guests best wishes for 2018. We are grateful for your making the choice to spend your vacation time here at Grey Shingles Camps! We constantly strive to make improvements to your accommodations and amenities, and hope you will join us in 2018 to relax, renew, and reconnect...and of course, have lots of fun! 

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Grey Shingles Camps is located on Rust Pond in Wolfeboro, NH - the "Oldest Summer Resort in America".

Situated on 5+ acres of beautifully landscaped property with a private beach and docks, our weekly cottage rentals offer a mix of features and amenities to couples, families, or anyone who yearns to vacation as in times gone by.

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Looking for a unique venue for your wedding, celebration, or family gathering? Grey Shingles Camps' beautiful property is the perfect place!

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