The History of Grey Shingles Camps

There are no records indicating when the cottages were built. They were operated year-round for vacationers, hunters, and fishermen, having wood stoves for heat. The original name was Grey Shingles, advertised in 1940 as modern cottages, and operated by Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Saunders. Purchased in the late 40's by Mr. and Mrs. John Windhorst, breakfast was served and rowboats were for rent - "Bring your outboard if you wish" reads the brochure! The property became "Grey Shingles Club" in the 1970's under the Clarke family. They termed Grey Shingles as "The Ultimate in Rusticity"! There were rooms available in The Main Lodge, our home, and the property had 8 acres at that time. There were 4 additional units in a motel grouping, but two fires days apart in June of 1971 demolished them. What remains we call The Ruins, located behind Sweet Apple Camp. Our hope is that we can stabilize the stonework and use this area for our campfires in 2018.

The main house is circa 1910, and had 60 acres of land. Adolph Christensen purchased the property in 1925. As the superintendant of schools in Avon, MA, his purpose was to "improve this property and build and establish a summer camp for girls". Camp Ehawee (Hawk) was run from about 1926 - 1934, when Mr. Christensen lost the property to the bank. The Rec Hall was built for the camp and served as the gathering place for the girls meals, plays, and games.

Today, we continue the history of this wonderful place as Grey Shingles Camps! Our Guests come from all over the world, as so many have in the past 75 years, to enjoy "the coolness of pine trees, the charm of old maples - pleasant days and restful nights", and the fun of summer camp in New Hampshire!